William Bateson

Senior Mortgage Advisor

NMLS #1800894

(203) 232-0820

702 Bridgeport Avenue, Suite 301, Shelton, CT 06484

Meet Bill

Bill’s time spent working with people to improve their physical health over the past 5 years as a personal trainer shed light on an important fact; financial health is just as important when it comes to happiness and wellbeing.

“I was helping people push hard in the gym every time I saw them, and they made great progress. But once I started digging deeper into their diets and lifestyles, I was surprised at how the stresses of “financial health” started weighing on them. Buying or selling their homes, unplanned car or house repairs, the ups and downs of the markets; it often lead to bad eating and lack of sleep.”

Looking for a new challenge and the next step in helping people lead “healthy” lives, Bill found a home with Province Mortgage.

“I could tell the next big impact I was going to make was with helping people with one of the biggest financial decisions in their lives; buying a home. When I found Province, I knew I had found a company looking to do things the right way for their clients, simplifying what could be a very complex and stressful process.”

Bill brings an energy and drive to go above and beyond for clients, knowing that the truth of the homebuying process is this: you don’t want to spend all your time becoming an expert. That’s why you come to the experts. He doesn’t want you obsessing over rates, points, fees, costs; he wants to get you into a home so you can spend time with family and friends. And not just any house, the right home that’ll put you in a good position financially for a long time to come.

Bill is lifelong Cheshire resident, and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, kids and dog; relaxing at the movies and soccer games, getting some air at a trampoline park or shooting BB guns in the backyard.

Of the 100 steps in the home buying process the most important would be just calling Bill, he’ll handle the other 99!

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William Bateson


(203) 232-0820