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Each year, Province Mortgage Associates joins hands with local organizations to increase the growth and wellbeing of our communities. Please browse on to view some of our recent initiatives!

“Lending a Hand” with Project Hand Up

The Province Team is grateful to be open for business and fully-functioning during this pandemic. As we remain committed to supporting the people in our community, we’ve partnered with Project Hand Up to help cover the cost of groceries for up to 25 families per week!

With families dealing with unemployment, small businesses temporarily closing, and countless essential workers laboring to keep us all safe, we felt that teaming up with this reputable organization would be our way to lend a hand during a challenging time.

So far, we have reached over 70,000 people on social media, and have provided food for 500+ families! Follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates!

About Project Hand Up

Project Hand Up “is a food supplemental program that helps thousands of families and seniors across Rhode Island and neighboring states put food on their tables so they don’t have to choose between paying bills and eating.”

To learn more about Project Hand Up, or if you’d like donate to their cause, visit

Likes for Samaritans RI

In September of 2018, we stood side-by-side with The Samaritans of Rhode Island in an effort to raise awareness about suicide prevention and anti-bullying, in particular the prevalence of bullying and its effects on young people.

For our part, we donated $1 for every Facebook like we received throughout the month of September, finishing off at nearly 500 likes, all the while informing people about suicide prevention and anti-bullying.

We can’t thank Samaritans RI enough for the work they do on a daily basis, and for giving us the opportunity to stand alongside them in their cause!

About Samaritans of RI

Established in 1977, The Samaritans is Rhode Island’s only charitable organization exclusively dedicated to suicide prevention education and grief support. ALL donations to Samaritans RI  support this Rhode Island based organization.

To learn more about suicide and bullying prevention, visit The Samaritans of RI: What to Know about Bullying.

Likes for Good Neighbors

In November-December of 2017, we teamed up with Good Neighbors Soup Kitchen in East Providence, Rhode Island, donating one non-perishable food item or personal hygiene product for every new Like we received on our company Facebook page.

This was especially important to us, since 62% of the people served at Good Neighbors are children, while 50-80% use the shelter on a daily basis.

The movement garnered 119 likes in the first week alone, totaling over 500 between the two months and bringing us well past 2,000 followers on Facebook. That translated into over 500 food items or hygiene products for local people in need! We couldn’t be prouder.

About Good Neighbors Soup Kitchen

Good Neighbors is a non-profit food pantry, soup kitchen, and day shelter which serves the community of East Providence, RI. Their mission is to provide nourishing, tasty and attractive meals, provide free clothing and hygiene products from donations, provide a comfortable setting where companionship can be fostered and provide opportunities to encourage a spirit of goodwill in a warm, pleasant environment.

To learn more about their charitable work, visit

The Province Holiday Toy Shop

Each year, Province Mortgage Associates transforms its conference room into a cheerful holiday toy shop, displaying FREE toys for ALL leading up to Christmas Eve.

It all began in December of 2018, when a member of our staff, Gordon Riley, connected us with his mother who had been collecting and refurbishing toys for years. She agreed to sell us several hundred new and lightly used toys at an enormous discount, which we proceeded to give out to the public in order to spread a little extra holiday cheer!

Since its formation, we have gifted over 2,000 toys and have helped spread the message to tens of thousands of people across social media and elsewhere. We have continued this movement every year since.

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