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Armani DelGiudice

Mortgage Advisor – Team Evelyn NMLS#2033573

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About Armani

Born and raised in Providence, RI Armani DelGiudice has literally been exposed to almost every aspect of property ownership: renovation, management, and financing. While attending the University of Rhode Island (class of 2017) he even experienced the in-depth study of the after-effects associated with the 2008 housing industry crash. As a finance major who received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Armani is no stranger to crunching the numbers involved with mortgage lending. Following in the footsteps of his mother, Sr. Mortgage Advisor, Evelyn Perez who was the #1 mortgage originator in RI for FHA lending as well as Rhode Island Housing mortgage, her mentorship has proven to be invaluable when it comes to building his business by referral.     

Armani’s work history began during his college days as a property manager for his father which evolved into a position a as project manager for residential developments.  “When you deal with multiple properties and their tenants you quickly learn how to handle problems and how to create solutions. Tenants knew they could call me when issues came up and that we would try to resolve challenges together.” Eventually, Armani ventured into acquiring and rehabbing property which allowed him to act as a General Contractor, coordinating and overseeing improvements. “I would fall in love with every property and my approach was to make the upgrades reflective of what I would like to own myself.” He learned to manage costs against achieving the highest quality possible.

Now he is truly excited to experience the financing piece of an industry he already knows so much about. “I have watched my mother succeed at the highest level for years as a mortgage professional, and you eventually understand that this business is not about the numbers…it’s about people. This new position with Province Mortgage Associates gives me the opportunity to fully invest in myself, my clients and my network to make the American dream of homeownership come true for my clients.” Armani will be working from the Cranston, RI office located at 465 Reservoir Avenue, and he looks forward to many years with the company.

Meet the Other Members of Team Evelyn:

Evelyn J. Perez | Sr. Mortgage Advisor NMLS#828119

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 What People Are Saying About Team Evelyn

“Throughout the process, Evelyn and her team were available and eager to answer any questions I had about the home buying process. Whether by phone or email, she was able to clarify anything that stood before me and make the journey as worry free as she could.”

-Tyler H.

“Great person, and very professional and helpful in everything that I need, and in all of the mortgage process. Thank to Evelyn. I got my house, thank you.”

Marcos L.


“Todo bien profecionalmente,me ayudaron mucho en realizar mis sueños de tener mi propia casa y estubieron ayentos hasta el final,son bien recomendados de mi parte,me aconsejaron en todo lo que tenia que hacer en mis momentos de temor y miedo me confortaron y estubieron contestando toda pregunta o duda que tuve en el proceso,ademas hsblan mi idioma,gracias province mortgage.”

-Cristo B.


“I worked primarily with Evelyn Perez. She accepted to help me at the last minute after nearly a year of working with another mortgage co. and in the middle of a purchase. She was always pleasant and helpful. Evelyn broke down the barriers and made it happen. New Year in my home!”

-Annie C.


“Muy buen trato de parte del Team the Province Mortgage. Evelyn excelente, realmente una persona muy paciente especialmente conmigo. Le doy las gracias. Kathy excelente persona también, me llamaba por cualquier detalle. No puedo quejarme de mi experiencia apesar de las circunstancias durante el COVID-19. Se que todo con mucha precaución y paciencia se logro gracias a Dios. El que persevera triunfa aunque le toque bailar bajo la tempestad. Y a los que no los trate directamente pues le doy las gracias también, por hacer mi sueño posible. Bendiciones a todos, stay safe.”


“Very good treatment from the team at Province Mortgage. Excellent, Evelyn, really a very patient person especially with me. I thank you. Kathy, excellent person too, she called me for any detail. I cannot complain about my experience despite the circumstances during COVID-19… Blessings to all, stay safe.”

-Jeili G.

I seriously went to Evelyn for almost everything. Everything! My boyfriend joked and would call her my mother/attorney, because when I had a problem I would call her. She guided me through my whole entire home buying process and although I have closed on my house over a month ago. She is still here for me as much as before. Actually, she is the one that calls me and asks if I need anything. I cannot recommend you go to her enough.”

-Victoria V.


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